College adds intercom system

Troy Tooker

Senior Reporter

Pierce College Puyallup has added to its security a new intercom and message delivery system.

Through local venders, Pierce put new clocks throughout each building on campus.

The system functions as clocks, provides alarm capability and can, if needed, supply digital messages through the front of the devices. This new system for message delivery will focus on dangers to the college, informing students of nearby or on-campus threats.

They’re accessed by campus security and will have multiple access points for campus security to use. This program has been years in the making and is the product of a million-dollar project.

This new addition of both a messaging and a sound system for emergencies allows for better communication to those with disabilities, like deafness or blindness.

The new clocks wrap the ability to communicate with both types of students into one device, said Schneider. “The proof is in the pudding,” said Schneider, when discussing how these clocks will make the college safer.

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College adds intercom system

by Troy Tooker time to read: 1 min