Coincidence? Happenstance in life

Tyler McMahan

Are we born lucky? This is a question that’s asked whenever something amazing occurs in people’s lives without effort or skill put behind it.

Whether luck is really causing things to occur, or if it’s just coincidence is a question all to its own, could someone truly be born with bad or good luck?

“You can pick your own destiny, but some people are in the right spot at the right time, and if you work hard you can achieve anything,” student Carly Gadberry said.

Destiny is the concept that events will necessarily happen to a person or thing in the future. Does luck just happen to be the same as destiny, or is it truly the hard work that we do that determines the coincidences?

Some believe that they have a destiny planned for them and that fate is the by-product of it.

“I believe that Jesus is in control of everything, and that there is no such thing as luck,” student Josiah Arnold said.

Maybe luck doesn’t exist and the things that happen are just some strange occurrence in life. Maybe the effects on people’s lives come from the control of some higher power.

No matter how someone looks at the existence of coincidental events that occur in one’s life, there’s something affecting all of our existences.

“Everything that happens to us is a coincidence, I don’t think there is any outside force controlling things,” student Ethan Nguyen said.

It seems that hard work is believed to be the main force behind the outcome of events in peoples lives and that if a person wants good things to happen to them they need to work towards their goals.

Also events that occur in someone’s life have an outcome based on happenstance rather than any strange power in the world.  Whether the outcome is a bad or good the result has some effect on our lives.

It’s  known if we’re truly born lucky but we are born with the option to make choices in our lives, whether aftermath of those decisions are good or bad they happen in one way or another without any intention put behind them.

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Coincidence? Happenstance in life

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