Coffee could be state drink

Washington may soon join the 29 other states that have state beverages

Katie Ardmore


Washington may soon join the 29 other states that have state beverages.

State Rep. Barbara Bailey, R-Oak Harbor, is proposing a bill to make Washington’s state beverage be coffee. The bill was suggested to Bailey by a high school student in her district, but the goal of the bill is mainly to help Washington’s economy.

The proposal calls the bill a desirable promotional tool that Washington businesses can use when sharing their product with customers throughout the world.

The bill is intended to help Washington companies sell their products and therefore stimulate the economy.

Bailey has other reasons for proposing this bill.

Washington state has more than 1,500 coffee houses and stands. Starbucks and several other coffee companies were started in the state. A few of those companies are known around the United States, and Starbucks is a worldwide company.

Bailey says coffee is a major part of Washington culture.

“The coffee industry is a vital part of the Washington state economy that provides jobs and morning motivation for many state citizens,” states the proposal.

Pierce College students agree that coffee holds a fundamental part of Washington culture.

“We’re the coffee capital,” Pierce College student Megan Hesketh says. “Everyone drinks it.”

Hesketh says she enjoys drinking coffee, and she thinks it would suit Washington to have it as the state beverage.

Student Devan Jones agrees that Washington is like a coffee capital.

He thinks coffee is an appropriate fit for Washington’s state beverage.

“That’s what everyone thinks of us,” he says. “So, why not?”



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Coffee could be state drink

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