Coach Pearson is dedicated to soccer team development

If you want to know what Pierce College Soccer Coach Bill Pearson is all about, just is listen to what his players have to say.

Brian Bruns


If you want to know what Pierce College Soccer Coach Bill Pearson is all about, just is listen to what his players have to say.

“He was actually my club coach when I was real small,” defender Ricky Frey said. “I can attribute everything I know about soccer to him.”

“Well, he focuses a lot on technique and tactical play which isn’t something that I’ve had in the past,” team captain and defender Kent Sanner said. “That is probably just because my coaches haven’t been as educated about soccer as Bill is.”

“I’ve never had a coach like him before. He’s different from others,” midfielder Omar Lima-Ramos said. “He’s always telling us to keep the ball on the ground. If we do something wrong, he’s going to make us run every time. I prefer him. ”

“Coach Pearson has helped me mature a lot,” defender Wes Caldwell said. “Overall I’m a completely different player from high school.”

“We both knew I had some bad habits, putting my head down after making mistakes or just being really hard on myself,” midfielder Kyle Ottwell said. “Above all my coaches, Coach Pearson has helped me bring my confidence up.”

In fact, the more of his players you ask, the more likely you are to get answers that revolve around tradition, discipline and development.

Pearson is from Puyallup and has been coaching for 17 years in the region, including six years with the South Hill Revolution.

“I went to Rogers High School,” Pearson said. “They didn’t even have high school soccer at Rogers. We played for a club here at South Hill for the top level in the state.”

Pearson had an opportunity to play soccer at the University of Washington but something else pulled him in a different direction.

“I was very passionate about music,” Pearson said. “Years later I moved to California.”

He explained that when music didn’t pan out he decided to return to soccer.

“It was kind of my second love,” Pearson said.

After he returned home some old buddies got him back into soccer. Before long his seven year old son was hooked.

“From there I went off and did my licensing to become the best coach I could,” Pearson said.

It’s evident from his players that Pearson is dedicated to his craft and places a high emphasis on helping young players mature into the college game.

“Technique is everything,” Pearson said. “That’s kind of my M.O. as far as developing youth players.”

“I truly feel you have to fine tune your skills and they have to be just part of you,” Pearson said. “It’s got to become automatic.”

Pearson said finishing scoring has been the team’s Achilles’ heel this season. He decided to go back to basics.

“I felt this team wasn’t coming together,” Pearson said, “so we dedicated a whole training session to teamwork. They did a lot running and we tested them.”

Though Pearson has a profound love for the game, he said other reasons keep him coaching after all these years.

“I think this teaches you a lot about life,” Pearson said. “For me, I get to live through them by watching them play. It’s a great gift, and to be able to give it back is a great reward.”

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Coach Pearson is dedicated to soccer team development

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