The last Clubs Fest of 2016

Meet Pierce’s registered 2016-2017 clubs at Clubs Fest and learn a bit about them.

Shelby Cross, Online Reporter

Tables lined up from wall to wall with club leaders trying to speak louder than the live music to potential new club members. That’s how Clubs Fest went this fall quarter.

At the beginning of each quarter, Pierce College Puyallup hosts Clubs Fest in the dining area of the College Center.

This was the first time the event featured live music. A band called The Chancellor’s played pop tunes from instruments and a few loud amps.

This Clubs Fest had a record-breaking amount of clubs participating, along with the highest number of registered clubs.

The clubs that participated include Raider Rescue, Engineering Society at Pierce, Swing Dance club, Gay Straight Alliance, Black Student Union, Drama, Inkslingers Creative Writing, Culture in Cinema, Ambiance Cafe, Nursing club, Parents in Nursing, Geology club, Smash, International club, Political Debate, French, Phi Theta Kappa Club and the American Honors council.

Raider Rescue started last winter quarter, and has since teamed up with Freezing Nights, which is a program where homeless people in need of shelter can stay at participating churches from October through March.

ESAP brainstorms ideas for fun projects and votes on which one they want to work on next. Their latest project was a functioning drone they put together from scratch, which was on display on their desk at Clubs Fest.

Swing Dance club, which practices Lindy hop style, has been active at Pierce since winter quarter last year. At their booth, they had a playlist of swing dancers on YouTube, and occasionally would get up to practice their moves. 

GSA meetings are to host a gathering place for the LGBTQ+ community at Pierce. They formed a club in fall quarter last year and together they plan events, including the discussion that took place after the showing of Do I Sound Gay? on Oct. 17.  Anyone is welcome to join GSA.

BSU was created to bring students together and raise awareness of cultural issues. According to Pierce’s fall 2015 demographics, 8.07 percent of the student population was African American. While it’s open to everyone, BSU is a club for students of color to connect with one another on campus.

Culture in Cinema is a new club this year, they pick movies to watch and have discussions afterward about things like central themes and historical significance. 

Inkslingers Creative Writing hosted a drawing contest at Clubs Fest where anyone was welcome to submit a drawing of Inkslinger’s mascot, a squid. This club is a place to share what stories students have written, and they’re also participating in National Novel Writing Month, where authors begin writing a novel on Nov. 1 and write until they reach 50,000 words.

Rainier Nursing and PINs shared a table at the event, and their goal is to provide study tips and to assist families in relieving stress and promoting health.

Geology club is a field-trip driven club, most recently they went to Hawaii’s main island and before that, Utah. They also travel to local hikes to observe what rocks naturally form there.

Pierce Smash meets weekly to play Super Smash Bros. in the MultiPurpose Room in the CTR. They put on events to play video games throughout the year.

International club was created for international students to build connections with each other. A program they set up is Conversation Partners, where Pierce students meet once a week for an hour with an international student at Pierce to practice their English.

Ambiance Cafe focuses on the cultures of many countries that speak French, and how they interact with each other, including Haiti and Ivory Coast. Knowledge of the French language is not a requirement for students to join the club.

Phi Theta Kappa is an organization at Pierce that participates in community service and are a part of the Honors Society.

To join American Honors, a student must have a minimum 3.25 GPA. According to the club leaders at the event, the benefits of being a member include advisers with about 60 percent less students to advise when compared to an adviser at Pierce who isn’t an American Honors advisor, as well as an American Honors Degree after six classes and a certificate after four.

A handout can be found in the OSL that contains every club that’s currently registered at Pierce along with who the president of the club is and their contact information.

If a student wants to start their own club, they would need to stop by the Office of Student Life and fill out the required paperwork or download them online and return them to the OSL.

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The last Clubs Fest of 2016

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