Classy clubs: suiting up at Pierce

Emerging clubs around Pierce.

Kevin Boatz

New clubs are emerging from Pierce College and others are returning from past quarters. Pierce College clubs require a minimum of five student members and one supporting faculty or staff member. Clubs can deal with a variety of topics, but as long as they meet at least once per month and plan at least one event or activity per quarter they can request funding and gain the official recognition of Pierce College.

Several returning clubs have already been verified through the office of student life. Anchor Club, Phi Theta Kappa, PINS-Parents in Nursing, Rainier Nursing and Umbrella Club. New clubs including LOSSA, Live Action Role-Playing or LARP Club, Young Americans Club For Freedom and League of Legends Club have all been proposed and looked at by the student council for approval.

One new club that has seen considerable attention is the Climbing Club.

“The goal of the climbing club is to be a social circle where we get climbers and aspiring climbers to meet and have a method of getting out into the mountains more often” Climbing Club president Cameron Curtis said.

The Climbing Club has already taken a trip to the Ape Caves and plans to have future events that cater to all types of climbing from casual hiking and rock climbing to winter skiing and snowboarding. Activities for more advanced members like mountaineering and alpine rock climbing are also being considered.

There are always new clubs emerging from the Pierce College community. Still in the process of looking for members and gaining approval is a Magic club focused on the Magic the Gathering card game. Club founder Sam Deshaw hopes to gain sponsorship from Wizards of the Coast, the creators and owners of Magic, to supply club members with free starter decks to get them started. Deshaw also plans to host daily sessions to allow club members to meet and play the game as well as tournaments where both novice and experienced players can compete.

Information about all existing clubs and how to start your own can be accessed at the office of student life.

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Classy clubs: suiting up at Pierce

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