Christmas trees: evergreens or forever plastic?

“Fake Plastic Trees” isn’t just the title of a hit Radiohead song, fake plastic trees are also a practical and environmentally friendly alternative to the traditional fir or pine tree for the holidays.

The primary reason plastic trees are superior to natural trees is their practicality. A plastic tree can be assembled for use year after year and can be easily bought at any superstore. Additionally, artificial trees are a great deal lighter than natural trees. The weight of real trees can create a burden and a threat to your loved ones. If a child is hiding or lying under a tree (like I know I did at a younger age) then it could potentially fall over, kill a relative and ruin the holidays.

Artificial trees are easier. You don’t have to drive miles and miles, go out in the blistering cold, work up a sweat and work for a good hour like you would with a real tree. You can set up a manufactured tree and take it down whenever you want, unrestricted by the short lifespan of a real tree. You don’t have to water it, so it requires significantly less maintenance than a natural tree. Artificial trees also save the owner money.

A fake tree in many ways is a small long-term investment. In the long run it saves you money by only being one, low fixed expense and time by saving the mess that a real tree would make year after year.

Manufactured trees also leave the option of customization. Why get a green tree that smells like pine needles when you could create a work of art that is the envy of the neighbors? Have a rainbow tree that smells like teriyaki sauce. Your imagination is your only restriction.

Fake trees are also capable of being environmentally friendly. If kept in good condition, a fake tree could last a lifetime, saving you an excessive amount of trees throughout the years. Trees are a dwindling resource these days. Plastic trees provide an alternative to the wasteful use of such a vital resource. Traditional trees need to be preserved to provide oxygen. Trees need to be saved for more important things than sitting in someone’s living room wasting away. If a tree is removed from the woods, then it could disturb a fragile ecosystem.

Natural trees can carry fungus that could hurt the foundation of the home and poison loved ones. I understand the desire for the classic, warm feeling of a natural tree, but you have to ask yourself if it’s really worth the effort and risk. In comparison, real trees are dangerous, laborious and messy. Real trees leave pine needles behind, cover hands in sticky sap and end up on the curb with the trash when the holidays are over.

A plastic tree is obviously the better route. It’s easier, cheaper and can be much safer.

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Christmas trees: evergreens or forever plastic?

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