Chat and chomp with an instructor

Take your professor out to lunch.

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A new on-campus program this quarter helps students meet with their professors over a bite to eat.

The Take Your Professor to Lunch: It’s On Us! program is free to Pierce College students. Students can sign up in room C210 to eat a hot meal if they’re a day student, or a box lunch delivered to the meeting spot on campus if they’re a night student. The Office of Student Life leaders coordinate a time with a student and the chosen faculty member. Students also can walk in with their professor to sign up.

This program is for students who want to have an extra hour to get to know an instructor, elaborate on course material or talk about learning styles.

The reasons why students meet with their professors can vary greatly, and having the advantage of developing a rapport with an instructor can boost understanding in the classroom. Leaders from the Office of Student Life said they hope this program allows students to gain a better grasp of teaching styles or work through a difficult concept.

Opening the doorway for helpful feedback on both ends of the spectrum can prove rewarding.


Some helpful do’s and don’ts when meeting with an instructor:


Do: Bring a professional and respectful attitude. While the lunches are set up to be more casual than the classroom, keep in mind that the interaction should remain polite.


Don’t: Attempt to persuade instructors to change their syllabus, classroom policy or a grade unless prepared to present a logical, sound argument. If they say no, thank them politely for listening to the case and move on from the subject.


Do: Dress appropriately. Unless taking a class like aerobics or Joy of Garbage, which is only offered at Santa Clara University, dressing like a guest on Good Morning America isn’t a bad idea.


Don’t: Wear the sweatpants and t-shirt that have been on since yesterday.


Do: Prepare an icebreaker and a few subjects to discuss. There may be some awkward moments. Knowing what substantial topics can be explored and what ones could fade fast could help carry the conversation through less graceful times.


Don’t: Insist on showing off the funniest YouTube video a friend just forwarded or the new car rims on their way from Amazon. That Instagram photo of the concert with bikini-and-paint clad girls whom are supposedly wearing different costumes are inappropriate as well and aren’t ways to make the best use of student/professor time. Instead, break the ice by asking about the professor’s education or some of their experiences.

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Chat and chomp with an instructor

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