Changes to the College Center in the makings

Change is coming to the College Center.



Anika Bates



Changes to the College Center based on suggestions from a survey taken by students in November 2013 will be implemented in summer of 2014.

Members of the Student Spaces Committee are handling the production of these changes. The SSC, a group of six student leaders and one student at large, represents the entire student body.

“I think the College Center is a great meeting place for people and a great place to chat with friends,” student McKinley Goble said. “However, it’s too noisy for me, so I don’t like to spend time in there.”

Students voiced concerns and opinions on the pending alterations, and were able to communicate the changes that were most important to them.

“We found that many students would like to see more lounge furniture,” Student Advocacy Senator Lauren Gray said. “We also found that many students don’t like the placement of the air hockey table.”

The air hockey table in the Connection Café will be removed from its current place and moved to another location.

Gray confirmed that the committee’s primary goal is to refurnish the Connection Café.

“We have to submit all furniture requests by March, so right now that is our main focus,” Gray said. “We also are discussing the possible installation of more media devices, paint and architectural changes such as the installation of a sliding glass wall or even better lighting.”

The interior designer overseeing the project is Wendy Fields. Fields is the same interior designer who modeled the layout for the Office of Student Life.

Many students have weighed in that they would like the refurbishment to be both a place to connect with other students as well as a useful work setting.

“I want a renovation that ensures more of a social atmosphere,” student Ember Glenn said. “It would be lovely if the new renovations promoted more of a relaxing environment that doubles as a study area.”

The first change to the College Center will be the placement of new furniture, tentatively scheduled to take place between summer quarter 2014 and spring quarter 2015.


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Changes to the College Center in the makings

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