Changes in the advising process

Advising changes

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Pierce College Puyallup has made changes to the advising process, allowing students to have more independence.

Advising can be difficult. With three advisers for the Puyallup campus, meeting times can be scarce. However, there’re changes in advising where students can receive a permanent Registration Access Code.

By having a permanent RAC, students can sign up for classes on their own without having to constantly consult with an adviser to get their temporary RAC. This can assist students with busy schedules and if advising times are limited.

An RAC is an electronic password that students receive from their advisers in order to register for the upcoming quarter.

“RACs are kind of the electronic version of our signature,” Faculty Counselor and Adviser Bret Burkholder said.

In order for students to receive a permanent RAC, they have to meet a certain criteria, which can demonstrate a great level of preparedness and responsibility that’ll allow students to take full responsibility for their own scheduling.

Scheduling and registration are two components that are tied into the advising process, however, they’re not the only aspect to it.

“They are not advising at the heart,” Burkholder said.

Burkholder explains the relationship between the student and his or her adviser, which implies a certain level of trust and concern that students place in their adviser.

He considers these changes to help lead students towards the real meaning of advising.

“It’s an honest relationship between a student and adviser,” Burkholder said.

Students without a permanent RAC are required to meet with advisers before every quarter in order to talk with them and get a temporary RAC.

Having a permanent RAC will make it so students theoretically will never have to speak with advisers unless they want to.

It will lead to stronger relationships between students and advisers, as Burkholder suggests, as students will meet with them because they want a face to face and honest relationship to ask any questions that need answered.

Almost more as a friendship, which will perhaps, make a stronger community.


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Changes in the advising process

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