Chancellor selects new president

Overview of the process in selecting new Pierce College Puyallup President Dr. Marty Cavalluzzi.



Sarah Balough


Dr. Marty Cavalluzzi has been selected as the new Puyallup campus president.

Cavalluzzi, who has 15 years of experience in community college teaching and administration, is expected to begin his new position on July 1.

He was one of four final candidates for the position who met with the college community during open forums and was formally interviewed by the selection committee members.

Other final candidates included Dr. Paula Boyum, Andrea Olson and Bob Mohrbacher.

According to Student Programs Director Sean Cooke, the open forums were one phase of the interviewing process.

The selection process means each candidate passes through a series of interviews and other tasks to determine his or her abilities.

Originally, a committee reviewed the applications and selected applications for individual interviews. Within these individual interviews applications are reviewed by a selected committee that consists of faculty and staff.

During the individual interviews the candidates were asked 10 questions by the committee pertaining to what they plan to achieve at Pierce and past experiences. In addition, the candidate was given the opportunity to ask questions of the selected committee.

Those candidates who extended on into the group interviews were those selected by the committee based on the strength of their individual interview.

For these candidates the group interview entailed being divided into small groups. Within these small groups they were asked to cooperate in response to given scenarios.

These were scenarios they could possibly encounter as the campus president.

The intent of the small group interview was to determine how well the candidates perform in a team as well as observing their ability to approach real-life issues at the college. With the conclusion of the small group interviews, it was responsibility of Pierce College District 11 Chancellor and CEO Michele L. Johnson to appoint a new president. She considered the input from the selected committee, the performance of the candidate in the individual interviews, from the open forums and additional feedback she received.

With all of this information, she decided who will be named the new campus president.

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Chancellor selects new president

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