Procrastination at its finest

Do you wait last minute for everything? Did you wait last minute to get your mom a Mother’s Day present? Or to get that thing checked out by the doctor? Do you make the choice to play Angry Birds instead of doing sit ups? Let me guess you like to call yourself a “multitasker” because you can do eight things at once. But the truth is, you’re not getting any of those things done.

Bro tips

What’s up bro,

So the last two quarters I’ve had class with this girl. She’s really funny, super nice and always classy. The problem is I don’t have enough confidence to talk to her outside of class. I don’t know if she’s interested or if it’s just her personality. How can I find out if she’s interested and how do I approach her if so?


Help a brother out

Dear Sophie

Dear Sophie, Being a college student I am a very busy person! I work a lot, go to school full time, always have family things going on and I have sports as well.

Studies show humor is good for you

Humor is a large part of a person’s life. Living in Washington state where it’s cloudy most of the time, depression is becoming an epidemic in the Pacific Northwest. The best remedy for this is simple. All that’s needed is to exercise 17 simple muscles in your face and crack a smile.