Patrick Carter, Janitor

Carter’s crew, key in clean campus

“I’ve had emails that said ‘wow, the floors look amazing.’ To me, that’s really what I enjoy, when students and others come through here and see a clean campus.”

Anna Foster

Keeping the Pierce College Puyallup campus clean is no small task. Patrick Carter, custodial service manager for the Puyallup campus, officially starts his day at 3 p.m. and ends at 11:30 p.m. with the rest of his custodial team, but often he’s on campus earlier.

After serving in the military, Carter attended Clover Park Technical College for hotel management.  He went to work in hospitality and hotel management.  He graduated in 2011 from Pierce College with his associate degree in business.

Carter also does entrepreneurial work in helping small businesses create business plans and increase efficiency.  He also stays actively involved in the community by assisting with parenting and housing programs.

Carter has been responsible for managing the custodial staff at Pierce College Puyallup for two years.  He makes sure all cleaning duties around campus are taken care of.  This past summer was his first quarter as the custodial service manager and

Recently, Carter presented his staff with certificates from Evelyn Brooks of PierceWorks for the crew’s excellent achievement.

“The peak of my job is when my team is recognized for its work that it does,” Carter said. “I’ve had emails that said ‘wow, the floors look amazing.’ To me, that’s really what I enjoy, when students and others come through here and see a clean campus.”

The communication between custodians and students is limited. Custodians often feel overlooked and unappreciated for all of their hard work.

“Help us to preserve this beautiful campus. Throw stuff away in the trash.  If possible, especially when it starts raining, try to wipe your feet.  If you see garbage overflowing in an area, take it to another garbage,” Carter said.

Outside the campus is also an area students should be conscious of keeping clean. Technically, custodians aren’t responsible for outside – the grounds department is. They’re all encompassed in facilities, however, and appreciate help from students in keeping the campus tidy.

Carter’s primary goal for the future of the custodial department is to improve his team with additional training.

He’s also excited about a new work-study position being offered to students.

“That position I tailored to the actual student…normally I would fit the person to the job rather than the job to the person,” Carter said.

Carter is also looking forward to the emerging program at Pierce College Puyallup, custodial management.  Although he’s not involved in it, he’s looking forward to watching the new program grow and gain interest.

“Custodial [service] is important all over the world.  From the White House, to Pierce College to Microsoft,” Carter said, “I’m proud of my team.”

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Carter’s crew, key in clean campus

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