Candidates for president: Marty Cavalluzzi

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Pierce College Puyallup presidential hopeful Dr. Marty Cavalluzzi collected himself on April 16 in front of about 40 staffers and faculty onlookers before opening himself up to any question they could ask.

This was at one of the open-forum conversations with the four finalists for the Pierce College Puyallup president position.

Like the numerous marine animals that he formerly examined in his studies of marine science, Cavalluzzi is looking possibly to migrate from Edmonds Community College to Pierce College Puyallup.

However, it was at Orange Coast Community College—a place similar to Pierce Puyallup—where he became inspired to carry out what he has done until this point.

“It changed my life forever, and is the reason I am here. I met teachers there, who I can still remember their names, and they influenced me, and set my life on a whole new trajectory,” he said.

Cavalluzzi spoke about his experiences in teaching, about a particular interview the day before his wedding and working on increasing the fishery business at Indian reservations.

In the first few minutes of the forum he gave a brief biography of himself that eventually lead to his calling of being an administrator. He spoke of the numerous people who influenced him and guided him along his career path, as well as those who had guided him to the position of the campus president.

This biography was then followed by a presentation that Cavalluzzi was asked to give. The topic pertained to moving the campus forward to student success. He slightly altered the topic.

“I added the word increase because saying that there need to be a move toward student success indicated that there is no success. This is not accurate because there is success,” Cavalluzzi said.

He then addressed the actions Pierce College officials are taking in increasing student success concluding with multiple statements of praise. Following this was an open discussion forum in which faculty and staff, which made up the entire audience, were permitted to address issues of concern to them and what he intended to do as president.

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Candidates for president: Marty Cavalluzzi

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