Campus security to issue tickets


Kristen Phillips


Hurrying from home to beat the parking lot insanity can be a stressful task, especially in the morning.

After circling the parking lot, scanning for an available spot to park during class and coming up empty, it’s easy to want to temporarily park in the vacant visitors, carpool or faculty parking spaces.

As the school year is officially in progress and students are beginning their routines, campus security is alert and on patrol.

They scan the parking lots ready to issue tickets or help students in need. It may seem as though they are out to get students, but essentially, they are doing their job to ensure a safe environment on campus.

“We’re here for the students,” said Maureen Rickertsen, head of campus security.

Security is enforcing the same policies as always for parking, speeding and reckless driving violations.

Written tickets have already been issued to students who parked without a pass in visitor, carpool and employee parking. Although the ticket price is listed on the infraction, prices for violations go as follows:

n Parking in the carpool parking without a carpool pass: $25

n Parking in the employee parking with a student sticker: $5

n Parking in the employee parking without a sticker: $10

n Parking in general parking without a parking permit: $5

n Speeding: up to $20

“This year we are clamping down on speeding in the parking lot,” Rickertsen said. “We’ve had many complaints from students—some have almost been hit by reckless driving in the parking lots.”

The speed limit in the parking lots is 10 mph. If students are caught exceeding that speed by more than 15 mph, campus security will issue a speeding infraction that can amount up to $20.

While classes are in session, campus security officers are available for the students.

Along with their regular duties, they are available to help with battery jumps, car start-ups and other helpful jobs.


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Campus security to issue tickets

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