People of Pierce: Cameron Plute

Armani Jackson, Managing Editor

“I kind of grew up (on computers) since I was like eight, nine maybe?” Cameron Plute said. “My family introduced me to computers. I grew up on them, but it was also a choice. It started with video games and then (I) wondered how they worked, and how the computer worked, how it all functioned. I was just curious. And then Google was a thing, so Google made it possible to learn anything. I can type 120 WPM, that’d be a random thing I guess. (I discovered that) in middle school typing class after a couple typing sessions. I was done with the class and then my teacher was like ‘You have eight weeks left. How are you already done?’ It came naturally from all the video games. I was (studying) business at first and then I transferred from business to mechanical engineering because I realized business really wasn’t my forte,” Plute said. “If I had to have a grand vision, I’d say (it’s to) mass produce a specific robot that’s all-purpose and helps people across the world. I couldn’t think of any way that would possibly put as much of a dent in the universe as that. You can’t really sell a product that would make such an impact in the world. But if you can make a thing that could help people worldwide, that’s pretty large scale.”

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Armani Jackson

People of Pierce: Cameron Plute

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