The Breakfast Club club

Justin Ward cooks up The Breakfast Club Cub at Pierce College.

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One day while talking about movies with his friends, student Justin Ward realized that he was the only one in his group of friends who had seen The Breakfast Club. Thus, The Breakfast Club Club was born.

The Breakfast Club is an 1985 American comedy-drama film about five teens from very different social circles who are stuck together for Saturday detention and overcome their stereotypes.

Out of all the characters in The Breakfast Club, Ward said he connects most with the “brain,” Brian.

“You just kind of laugh at him when you see him,” Ward said and then joked, “that’s what people do to me.”

Ward also said he’s crazy like the “basket case” and jokes he’d dress up as the “princess.” His favorite part of the movie is when the “athlete,” Andrew, is telling the story of how he received detention.

“That whole scene is so fantastic; like how is that not scripted?” Ward said.

Ward was home-schooled until 2015, when he began attending Pierce as a Running Start student. He said being home-schooled was a terrible experience, but he’s making up for it now.

“I would just sit at home and watch The Breakfast Club,” Ward said.

So far, Ward estimates 15 people have signed-up to be part of the club, but the list is growing. The purpose of the club is to watch the movie while eating breakfast foods. His goal is to create a seemingly school-free environment where students’ worries can melt away.

Ward plans to have club meetings on Mondays each lasting around two hours. The Breakfast Club Club meeting location is undecided, though the College Center multipurpose room is an option. The MPR has a projector, which would allow the club members to watch The Breakfast Club.

“I’d like to get to the point where we don’t even watch the movie, we just recite it,” Ward said.

One club activity may include dressing up, possibly as all the characters, and having a costume contest. Arts and humanities professor Sam Sloan is the club’s adviser.

“(He’s) just a fantastic teacher,” Ward said. “I feel like he would be one of the people who would win in a (costume) contest like that.”

Ward enjoys other movies directed by John Hughes such as Pretty in Pink and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. In his free time, he makes random Snapchat stories, wears Heelys and lives in a blanket fort he created in his bedroom.

“I have (lived in a blanket fort) for six months,” Ward said. “Other than that, I don’t do a specific thing. Everything’s random.”

Ward would love to be in the film industry and has always wanted to be an actor. Currently, he works at The Original Pancake House, which he believes has the best food and may have strengthened his love for The Breakfast Club.

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The Breakfast Club club

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