Bounds of success for men’s basketball

Men’s basketball’s success.



Meagan Lucero


Men’s basketball has started up again at Pierce College. On Jan. 8 the Raiders played a match against South Puget Sound Community College and won 85-69.

Throughout the game, there were a series of what the crowd considered unnecessary calls against the Raiders from the game officials. However, that didn’t stop Raiders fans from cheering on their team all the way to a win.

The team started off with a basket in the first minute and although it got a little rough in the middle they maintained their position in the lead throughout the entire game.

The men’s basketball season began at the end of November, but as they reach the middle of their season, success isn’t a foreign concept. The team had a seven game winning streak up until their game against Clark Community College on Jan. 11. The Raiders have had more wins than losses this year which begs the question, are the championships a possibility this season?

“The game started off slow but got better toward the end,” Paul Loranger said.

The 6-foot-10-inch freshman player couldn’t hold back a smile when asked about his thoughts on the referees after the game against South Puget Sound Community College.

“Well, they should have let us play a little more,” Loranger said.

With all of their leaping success, Bill Mendelson, head coach of men’s basketball at Pierce College, said the championship is looking like a possibility.

Men’s basketball is one of many competitive sports at Pierce College where the coaches use a recruiting process rather than annual tryouts. Once players have been recruited, they have to abide by certain rules that help keep players at the top of their game on the court and in the gradebook.

One of their main rules is maintaining at least a 2.5 GPA. Mendelson was proud to say that last year’s team average GPA was leveled at a 3.0, higher than what was expected.

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Bounds of success for men’s basketball

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