Book Review: Inheritance

Inheritance concludes the journey of Eragon “Shadeslayer,” a once simple farm boy from a remote mountain town who becomes the savior of Alagaesia.

The book is pretty much any sci-fi/fantasy lover’s ultimate read and for those who have read the first three books in the series will finally have a conclusion to the storyline that has been a part of some readers’ lives for nearly the past decade since Eragon (the first book in the series) was released. Eragon, Eldest and Brisingr, the three previous books in the series, detail the struggle for the Varden against the evil Empire and their seemingly immortal king Galbatorix and his dragon Shruikan.

Inheritance starts strongly with a battle scene in which the main characters Eragon, Saphira and Arya, an elf and Eragon’s love interest, meet near death and find the only weapon in all of Alagaesia that can kill a dragon. It seems convenient for the main characters to find a spear that can penetrate any magical defenses and pierce the strongest of dragon hides.

The next chapters are filler for all intents and purposes. The army marches forth toward Galbatorix’s city and along the way it conquers any city that stands in its way.

The Varden’s army reaches Dras Leona and lays siege to the city only to be thwarted by Eragon’s half-brother Murtagh and his dragon Thorn. Eragon realizes he will have no hope of defeating Galbatorix, who has hundreds if not thousands of Eldunari under his power. Eragon remembers the advice given to him by a werecat and decides to try to find the Vault of Souls.

He asks the Eldunari of the dragon Glaedr given to him in Brisingr if he has heard of this place only to learn that there is a curse set upon the name and location of the vault of souls in which no one can remember it except for Eragon and Saphira. He decides to travel to the only possible location of the vault the city Vroengard, the former seat of the Dragon Rider orders power.

After a journey overseas where the heroes once again meet mortal peril, they reach Vroengard to find it desolate and the creatures to twisted and dark. They find the Vault of Souls only to find out that they must find their true names in the Ancient Language, the language of the elves and of magic. After a night of soul searching, Eragon learns his true name and opens the vault to find (spoiler alert) a hoard of Eldunari and more than 200 dragon eggs.

With more Eldunari on his side Eragon returns to the Varden’s army and his final confrontation with Galbatorix. Eragon brings with him Arya who carries the death spear, the witch-child Elva who can feel the pain of others and predict the incoming dangers that cause people to suffer and, of course, his dragon Saphira.

The two sides battle with Murtagh, switching allegiances halfway through. The king is killed by a spell devised to make him feel all of the pain and suffering he had caused throughout his reign.

Inheritance reads like The Return of the King by J.R.R Tolkien at certain points. When Eragon goes to the Vault of Souls it’s eerily similar to when Aragorn travels along the Dimualt Road and brandishes the reformed sword of Andúril and gains control over the army of ghosts. When Eragon leaves Alagaesia forever alludes to when Frodo left Middle Earth forever along with the elves.

All in all Inheritance is a great read. It’s a little cliché at some points and downright predictable at other points. It’s not the page turning suspense novel of the year nor the must read book for the holiday season but to those who have been fans of the series since the first book or just love the fantasy genre will love this book.

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Book Review: Inheritance

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