Book Review: Cinder

Book review of Cinder.

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Marissa Meyer


As February quickly approaches, fans of Marissa Meyer eagerly await the release of the third novel in the Lunar Chronicles, Cress.

To truly understand Cress, however, a reader must begin with the first novel in the young adult fantasy series, Cinder.

Meyer’s fresh take on fairytale classic Cinderella is exciting and transports readers into the dangerous future, where a lowly cyborg by the name of Cinder just might change the dynamics of her planet and interplanetary relations.

Cinder is an extremely well portrayed female protagonist. Meyer combines bravery, wit and humanity in Cinder’s development.

Cinder is plagued by what seems to be continuous bad luck. Her evil stepmother lives up to her fairytale counterpart, but Cinder is in the most danger from magic-wielding Lunar Queen Levana.

Cinder’s strongest allies are android Iko, her stepsister Peony and Prince Kai. As the novel progresses, her friends fall victim to the chaos that surrounds Cinder. Peony contracts Leutmosis, a deadly disease, and Cinder will try anything to save her.

Once I began reading Cinder, I couldn’t stop. I was entranced by the story; I was enchanted by the prince and fully invested in the success and safety of my favorite characters.

Though portions of the storyline are highly predictable, it doesn’t remove the elements of surprise or excitement from the story.

This series was one of my favorites of 2013, and is most suitable for teen and adult readers.

The sequel to Cinder, Scarlet, is just as exciting and well-written as the first.

Though Meyer is a native of Tacoma, her books are read and acclaimed worldwide.

Cinder might lose more than just a glass slipper and gain more than a crown, but there’s no happy ending for her yet.

I give it 5/5 stars.

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Book Review: Cinder

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