Big money, good use

Tyler McMahan

We’ve all heard about the lottery and also the crazy stories of people winning the large sum of money and the plans on spending the rest of their lives doing nothing but living “the life.”

The lottery that was won most recently in the state of Washington was by a man in Spokane. His winnings were $200,000. The Washington State Lottery website,, says the winner plans on retiring and spending the rest of his time fishing.

With the example of the man who just won the lottery comes to question on what others would do if they won such a large sum of money.

Great things can happen if one wins the lottery but the odds of actually winning are one to 175 million. So, how do these odds effect the general population when it comes to buying tickets over and over again trying to win?

An estimate in a year about $50 billion is spent on buying lottery tickets while about $30 billion is returned as prize money.

There are different possibilities of what others would do with the winnings of such a large sum.

“(I’d) give some to charity, buy a ping-pong table, and save the rest or buy a super bowl ring,” student Bryce McCormick said.

With money comes tons of options, like buying a super bowl ring or even greater things. With the lottery, the sky’s the limit.

“(I’d) buy my parents a house, set up trust funds for my siblings and go on a shopping spree for new clothes and a car,” student Kelsey Demarre said.

While the lottery brings in so much revenue in a year, it seems that some people have plans that lead to helping others, whether they are relatives or complete strangers.

The Washington State Lottery uses some of the fund to be used to support citizens across the state.

The Lottery’s official website says, “The Lottery helps fund and support people and communities all over. From the student who receives a college grant, to the convenience store owner supporting his family.”

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Big money, good use

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