Better access for access and disability services

Reworking Access and Disability Services.

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Instructors’ syllabi beginning spring quarter reflect changes recently made to the access and disabilities service statement.

Michael Mesa, Access and Disability Services manager, rewrote the old statement in an effort to promote student-faculty relations.

“Susan McPhee and I wanted to work more with faculty,” Mesa said. “We drafted a new statement for faculty, so students and faculty are more connected.”

This new statement was created so both students with and without a disability would feel more comfortable in the classroom and comfortable enough to contact their professors if they need to.

Students and faculty will find the new statement to be more in-depth than the old statement.

An email sent to the faculty on March 20 notified faculty members to update the access and disabilities statement on their syllabi. The new statement, Mesa wrote in the email, was partially based on suggestions from several faculty members about better ways to inform students on what can be done to help them succeed.

Students can meet with ADS coordinators to talk with them about struggles that may be happening in the classroom environment due to a disability.

ADS provides academic adjustments for students who have documented disabilities.

Potential services for those with a mental, physical or emotional disability will vary from student to student; more adjustments are made for those with a combination of different disabilities, Mesa explained.

While some students may only need a designated spot in the classroom, others require special equipment or adjusted test-taking times.


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Better access for access and disability services

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