Beagley looks forward to World Cup

Beagley talks about his future World Cup adventure.

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For Pierce College Puyallup student Michael Beagley, soccer is not a sport but a lifestyle.

Whether it’s watching, playing or attending soccer matches, Beagley finds a way to be involved in one of the world’s most popular sports.

Beagley plans to attend the World Cup in Brazil this summer and he said he’s excited to see the U.S. men’s national team play.

“It’s going to be crazy,” Beagley said. “I thought going to the World Cup qualifier in Seattle last year was crazy, but this will be mind blowing.”

Beagley plans to attend a few of the U.S. World Cup games and said he is most excited to see the American squad take on the Ghana national team on June 16.

“That game is going to start it all for us,” Beagley said. “It’s our first game of the World Cup and I paid about $450 for my ticket, so we better win.”

Beagley also is looking forward to seeing his favorite American player, Clint Dempsey, play for the U.S. team. Given the chance, Beagley said he would like to see the England’s national team play because the team captain, Wayne Rooney, is his favorite international player.

Beagley also plans to buy season tickets to his favorite club team, the Seattle Sounders Football Club.

He plans to sell the tickets to the Sounders games that will be played while he is in Brazil, so he can afford to buy himself a new pair of cleats or a new Dempsey jersey.

Although Beagley’s life revolves around soccer, he does have other responsibilities and interests.

Beagley works as a member of the valet team at Good Samaritan Hospital in Puyallup but said his dream job would be to work in the front office in England of his favorite international club, Manchester United.

“Valet and the gym keep me in shape because I have to run to get people’s cars and I run and lift weights at the gym,” Beagley said. “I don’t mind the job since I’m in school, but my dream job would have to be becoming the general manager of Man U.”

Although Beagley attends as many professional soccer matches as possible, he still can’t make it over to Europe every weekend to see some of the European teams he follows. To solve this problem, Beagley convinced his parents to switch their cable to Direct TV so he could get the international soccer channels.

“I was super stoked that my parents gave me that for my birthday last year,” he said. “Now whenever Real Madrid plays, I can watch them.”

Beagley is currently a business major at Pierce College and plans to transfer to Washington State University to major in sports management.

“I’m going to apply for that program when I’m done here and then hopefully get a job being a sports agent like the Tom Cruise character (in the Jerry Maguire movie).”

Beagley loves to play soccer as well but said he doesn’t want to play for the Pierce College men’s team. Instead, he prefers to organize pick-up games on the weekends with friends, family and co-workers.

“I would love to play on the team but between work, school, the gym and going to matches I don’t have time,” he said. “Although, when I’m at WSU, I might play on the recreational team if I don’t get a job.”

If he were to play on the team, he would want to be either a midfielder or a forward.

“I really like playing both positions, so I would probably be an attacking midfielder, kind of like Dempsey,” he said. “Although I do like to score a lot of goals, so that would be a tough decision.”

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Beagley looks forward to World Cup

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