Bates battling on the frontline of fashion

Jackets, jeans in arsenal for dressing better in college.

Anna Palmer

As school begins and fall creeps in, yoga pants, infinity scarves and leggings all become a daily sighting. Ugg boots remain a must and knitted headbands flourish in every style of flower.
Zach Bates, however, finds his everyday outfit in something like an army green jacket tied casually about his waist, tightly laced combat boots, with grey skinny jeans and a faded cutoff jean jacket.
“I want [my style] to communicate that I actually care what I look like and to be sure I look presentable in all situations.” Bates said.
Since ninth grade, Bates has maintained his unique yet simple style consisting of leather jackets, high tops, necklaces, and black jeans.
“I wear a lot of leather jackets and not a lot of my wardrobe is colored,” Bates said, “I mainly just have black, white and gray.”
Despite the unique elements within Bates’ style, his fashion sense reflects how he wishes to live his life.
“It’s simple and that’s kind of how I like to live my life, in simplicity,” Bates said.
Bate’s style did not begin on his own idea. His older brother, who’s a model for Vogue in Italy, began sending him clothing from different brands which in turn inspired Bates to “dress better.”
“My All Saints jeans, they’re like $200, which is ridiculous because I would never buy a pair of $200 jeans but my older brother bought them for me,” Bates said.
Bates’ preferable stores he shops at include Forever 21, H&M, Nordstroms and Zara, where he can find the fashion he enjoys.
Although Bates personally enjoys how he dresses, there are times he has experienced criticism from others for his differing style.
“[Most reactions] are either dirty looks or compliments,” Bates said, “it’s a pretty fifty-fifty mix of the two.”
Bates cherishes the uniqueness of his fashion and how it sets him apart from the crowd.
“I enjoy it and it gives me something to do in the morning,” Bates said. “It allows me to be creative with how I look.”

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Bates battling on the frontline of fashion

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