Barlow welcomes evening students

Derek Barlow discusses his thoughts as the new elected evening representative.



Mackenzie Hendricks


Derek Barlow, the newly elected evening representative, wants to make a difference by helping evening students feel more included in the campus.

“I learned that evening students feel like they are off in their own little world,” Barlow said. “We need to integrate them with the day students so we remain as one student body.”

Barlow is a first year student, and he wishes to pursue a career in politics. Once he receives his associate’s degree, he plans on transferring to the University of Washington. For now, he wants to focus on his fellow students.

As the evening representative, he is available for any student to approach him with concerns or ideas. Barlow is also a part of student government and student council and is included in planning events for students.

“This position was first recommended to me by a friend,” Barlow said. “But then I realized I could make a difference, and it helped me push through the campaign with more passion.”

The first change he wants to make on campus is to make the evening students feel more welcomed. He also is attempting to change the hours for the dining commons, although it has previously been unsuccessful.

Barlow is working to get more students involved in the evening student committee as well. Previously it included the evening representative, someone from the activities board and two students. Barlow has started to expand the committee to include several students who he believes are qualified. The committee meets to address any issues that evening students have.

“If the evening students have any issues,” Barlow said, “I welcome them to come in and talk to me.”

For those students who may not want to come in personally, there is another option. Students can write any ideas or concerns down on paper and slip them into the “common box” found by the Office of Student Life.

“Although we have the common box, I would still highly recommend students to come see me personally,” Barlow said.

In his free time, Barlow enjoys spending time with family and friends. He finds academics and his position as the evening representative more important, but he still highly values his time with others. He also likes to play tennis.

“As the evening representative,” Barlow said, “I want to make a positive difference in others’ lives.”


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Barlow welcomes evening students

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