Barlow, Silver win student representative elections

Students voted for new representatives for environmental concerns and evening students: Griffin Silver and Derek Barlow.


Robert McRill

Derek Barlow and Griffin Silver were selected as the two new student representatives after the college-wide elections on Oct. 10-11.

Barlow, who won with more than 40 percent of the vote, is the evening student representative.
Rachel Smith and Anthony Morales also campaigned for the position.

“I am glad that my competitors are here because they want to make a difference,” Barlow said.

Voting booths this election were jam-packed in the two-day elections that featured chocolate treats and free airbrushed t-shirts to entice such a large student turnout.

In the race for representative for environmental concerns, Silver defeated Hanna Bryan with 56 percent of the votes.

“Griffin (Silver) and I are working hand-in-hand,” Bryan said. “We are both matched in our passion (for the environment).”

Barlow is like a mirror—one that reflects the ideas of students. Intent on illuminating what Pierce students desire, Barlow said he is eager to speak with his peers regarding their ideas. He also plans on holding annual student surveys.

“I don’t have to be on the clock to hear ideas,” Barlow said.

Barlow would like to work toward making Pierce College more accessible for evening students.

Certain “qualities of life” that daytime students may take for granted are often unavailable in the evenings.

In an attempt to remedy inaccessibility, he will try to keep the dining commons open later.

Also, he would like to run student events at least twice, placing them back-to-back, thereby allowing evening students multiple opportunities to attend.

Getting the evening students engaged in what is happening at the college is one of Barlow’s key concerns.

He would like to promote a sense of community within Pierce College. Above all else, he hopes all students will feel like they are welcome and that their ideas matter.

Many college students commit upward of 40 hours a week to their studies; runner-up student representative candidate Anthony Morales is no exception. He ran in the election because he envisions a better future for both himself and his fellow classmates.

As a student representative, Morales would have liked to host campus events more frequently to allow students to have more fun at school with their friends and families.

“I want to turn this place from a desert to a rave,” Morales said.

Candidate for student representative and Running Start student Rachel Smith wanted her shot at helping students get a running start when it comes to the level of excitement revolving Pierce College.

Concerning excitement, Smith wanted student events to be something her peers would enjoy, and she would like to inspire a Student Appreciation Week. She wishes such events to be available to both morning and evening Pierce College attendees.

As the new environmental representative, Silver would like to lead with compassion, passion and dedication; Compassion toward his fellow students, passion for the environment and a dedication to change.

His compassion for others likely fuels his belief that the student body should hold more power.

“I want to change Pierce together,” Silver said. “The people are often misinterpreted by those in power.”

Silver believes that, as an elected official, it will be his job to ensure that the students are not misrepresented. He said if the students are being well-represented, then he will have made a positive impact.

Having participated in the occasional public protest, Bryan isn’t afraid to get out of her comfort zone if she believes that doing so will help her make a difference.

Faced with many environmental concerns, Bryan would like the student government to focus on increasing overall student awareness in an attempt to promote action.

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Barlow, Silver win student representative elections

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