BAFTA’s directing chapter will rank the highest 20, with the highest eight female

“I think the keynote is that we’re leveling the playing field,” said Majumdar. “That’s what people wanted, people didn’t need a guarantee of a quota in terms of diversity. they only wanted their work to be seen then judged on a more level playing field, so then there’s the chance and chance to be nominated.”

Among the key changes to the BAFTA Film Awards 2021 are:

  • a replacement longlisting round of voting altogether categories, making three rounds in total and giving members a extended period of time to observe films. it’ll now even be compulsory for members to observe all longlisted films within the second round before voting. Following the nominations controversy in January, it had been argued that a lot of voters simply weren’t watching the lesser-known films.
  • within the acting categories, the amount of nominees is being increased from five to 6 . Actors also can not be longlisted quite once during a particular category, but can appear in separate categories for separate performances. (In 2020, Margot Robbie appeared twice within the best supporting actress category).
  • within the directing category, BAFTA’s directing chapter will rank the highest 20, with the highest eight female and top eight male directors making the longlist. A blue ribbon jury will then select the ultimate four directors for this longlist of 20, choosing two female and two male (from subsequent 10 ranked respectively). the amount of ultimate nominees also will increase from five to 6 .
  • within the outstanding British film category, the amount of nominations has jumped from six to 10, a move that ought to help alleviate previous concerns where major Hollywood titles (such as 1917 and Rocketman) have haunted nomination slots over independent British features. “10 will reach right down to some considerably smaller, but brilliant films,” said Samuelson, adding that a number of the feedback had been that they wanted the ceremony to feel more distinctly British. “And we expect this is often a very key way of doing that.”
  • In an attempt to stop films with larger campaigning budgets from “dominating the conversation,” BAFTA are going to be discontinuing DVD screeners by 2020 and moving all films to its new BAFTA View digital platform, set to launch for the 2021 awards season. Distributor communication also will be further limited per title, with members now having to opt-in to receive DVDs, attend screening invites or receive trade publications during awards season.

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BAFTA’s directing chapter will rank the highest 20, with the highest eight female

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