Back in black Black Friday survival kit

The only Black Friday kit you’ll ever need

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Although the term Black Friday originated as a descriptor of the 1869 stock market crash, it’s known in this century as the opportunity to find holiday gifts at low prices. Individuals in the U.S. have made the choice to endure this perilous journey, along with thousands of others.

This list of Black Friday survival kit items will help increase shopping success.

By using this list for successful Black Friday shopping, a crash in personal finances can be prevented.


Ski mask: For the more serious Black Friday shoppers, ski masks may be vital to concealing their identities. Some may need to avoid other shoppers recognizing them from their appearances in local newspapers last year. It has a dual purpose; it also provides warmth in the frigid November air.


Jump rope: An innocent child’s toy that snakes around the competition is the traditional jump rope. This will be a way to round up some of those items that are out of hand’s reach and leave the competition without a hop in their step.


A can of soda: Aside from using the caffeine and sugar to remain vigilant in a sleep-deprived state, shaking it up and opening its top distracts other shoppers long enough to snatch that holiday gift. It’ll take little time for the competition to fizzle out.


Lock-picking device: While a professional lock-picking kit could be useful for unlocking displays to capture the most sought-after deals, a basic bobby pin will do. It can be used to pull back the wearer’s hair for the initial sprint to the item and then removed for use.


Running shoes: These are a necessity in navigating the most treacherous of shopping territory. Make sure they’re Velcro and not lace-up shoes. This decreases the risk of being tripped by another shopper.


Sharpie marker: While these markers provide adequate entertainment in the form of temporary tattoos, their real purpose is revealed after the shoppers have entered the store. The marker can be used to disguise the true prices of the items by increasing the prices, for high-priced items will repulse many seeking low-expense gadgets and gifts.


Camera: No Black Friday is complete without a few posts to Instagram or Facebook. A camera or a smartphone is vital to capture the grins of success and the grimaces of two-seconds-too-late failure.


Employee uniforms: After selecting the stores to shop at, it’ll be necessary to examine the uniforms of employees and duplicate what they’re wearing. This enables an individual to enter the store before it opens and gather desired purchases without enduring the rush. Also, getting an employee discount as well as a Black Friday discount makes it worth the additional preparation.


Night vision goggles: It’s called Black Friday for a reason, right? Causing a storewide blackout will give an advantage as long as a pair of night vision goggles are at hand to help with navigation in the dark.


The playlist: Bringing a musical listening device containing inspirational and/or adrenaline rushing songs will help maintain focus. The co-Editors suggest the theme songs from Indiana Jones, Mission Impossible and the song The Final Countdown.


Super Soaker water gun: With an adequate holster and proper ammunition, this is a necessary tool for any Black Friday survival kit. The water gun can be filled with an oil-based substance to create oil slicks and prevent other shoppers from quickly reaching their desired deals.


The Puyallup Post: This paper, like many of the other objects on the list, serves more than one objective. It provides an array of reading material in the countless hours spent in line; it also can be transformed into a club-like self-defense weapon with tight rolling and a good flick of the wrist

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Back in black Black Friday survival kit

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