Sara Konu

Do away with the expectations of Valentine’s Day

Expectations of material love serve only to lighten wallets and grant a few days of ooey gooey loveyness before the inevitable return to everyday life. Instead of falling prey to the industry’s definition of romance for one day of the year, create new, more realistic expectations with your partner that will leave you feeling loved year round.

Days when humanity was supposed to end

The end of the world has been heralded for thousands of years. Prophecies, scientific formulas and biblical translations have all been used to determine the ending date of life as we know it, yet, here we are today. Apocalypse dates have come and gone, some on bated breath and some without notice. Here is a list of some of the many end-of-the-world predictions you or your ancestors have lived through.

Be green, save green during the holidays

The holidays are a time of giving and a time of wasting. Between Thanksgiving and the end of December, the amount of trash Americans throw away increases by 25 percent.

The harsh reality is that this spike in trash wreaks havoc on the environment as well as on our pocketbooks, when in some cases it doesn’t need to.

Filmmaker copes with PTSD

Iraq War veteran and filmmaker Kyle Hausmann-Stokes spoke at the Student Programs sponsored event Rucksacks to Backpacks on Nov. 2. Through personal anecdotes and autobiographical short films, Hausmann described what it’s like to have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and to transition back into life after the military.