Ryan Rothman

Ryan Rothman has been writing for fun as long as he can remember. However, in late 2016 he was introduced to news writing at his high school and has been in love with it ever since. In the fall quarter of 2017 he became a reporter for The Puyallup Post. In his free time, he’s written many short stories and even drew and wrote a few webcomics. Music and computers have also been a big part of Rothman’s life. He received Superiors for four years in Junior Festival, a piano memorization and skill competition. He also taught himself to play the guitar. Rothman ‘speaks’ three languages and is working on his fourth. One of these languages is C#, a coding language he taught himself in his freetime. Rothman plans to eventually become a software engineer, learning more coding and other languages in the meantime. But, currently, you can find him drawing on his tablet, watching cartoons or anime and playing Magic the Gathering.