Rebecca Dickson

As a first time reporter for The Puyallup Post, I am enamored by the chance to experience a new career path. Although I lack experience in journalistic writing, I hold a passion for news media and understanding the world around me. As a student, I aim to transfer to a University in the fall of 2017 in order to study journalism and international relations. My career aspirations include becoming an International Journalist who covers major conflicts or Foreign Service Officer. In my free time, I play Clarinet and Alto Saxophone, hold presidential office in Phi Theta Kappa and American Honors, and volunteer with a multitude of organizations. My morning routine consists of listening to podcasts, meditation, breakfast, and checking the news and my email. My life's philosophy is we must work together to make each other better before we move on to another existence. My greatest wish for students at Pierce College Puyallup is continuous growth in academics, personal relationships, and career skills.

History of OSL clashes with student opinions

The Office of Student Life’s many departments help make change for student. From the creation of Clubs like the Gay-Straight Alliance and Political Debate Club to advocating for security cameras in parking lots, the OSL helps change students’ worlds. However, the OSL’s positions are appointed, not elected.