Kathryn Scott

Kathryn Scott is the Managing Editor here at The Post. This is her second year at Pierce and, although she doesn’t quite know what she’s doing or where she’s going after graduation, she’s determined to make the most of anything and have fun while doing it. She doesn’t like being on the sidelines, which is why she always tries to be as involved with any activity as much as possible. Kathryn has a strong desire to want to get things organized and completed. She loves walking, hiking, cleaning and challenging herself. Along with laughter, these are a type of therapy for her. She firmly believes in teamwork with plenty of communication. Wherever these are lacking, she hopes to be able to provide. She classifies herself as an extroverted introvert (or an ambivert). Kathryn’s always ready for a challenge and enjoys getting to know new people. However, she’s got no problem just spending a quiet evening at home. Kathryn and her husband are on the young adult leadership team for their parish. She’s grateful for the opportunities provided by both her parish and Pierce.