Jacob Bush

When the chips are down

While students were on spring break, a district committee representing the Pierce College Puyallup and Fort Steilacoom campuses did a bit of spring cleaning by replacing the soda and snack vendors.

Instructors remember Josh Powell as student

Josh Powell walked the hallways of Pierce College Puyallup in 1996, when the Gaspard and Brouillet buildings were all that constituted the young campus. Nearly 16 years later, mystery surrounds Powell’s alleged murder suicide of himself and his two young boys on Feb. 5 in Graham.

Making a clean break

Spring cleaning traces its roots to many cultures, ethnic groups and faiths that implemented spring time rituals into their society. During these times, spring cleaning was more of a holiday with meaning which is quite different from today’s interpretation.

Coping with college senioritis

Senioritis is a serious social condition affecting high school and college students nearing their final stretch of school until graduation and who display a general trend of apathy in their last months of school. Symptoms include a lack of motivation, tendency to skip or under perform in classes, and the most dreadful: chronic procrastination.