Elissa Blankenship

Elissa Blankenship is a second-year student at Pierce College Puyallup. She is working for The Puyallup Post as an Online Social Media Manager. Her future goals are not set in stone, though she plans to graduate from Pierce College with her Associate of Arts degree. She aspires to be an excellent journalist and voluntarily participated in the 4-H Dog Project program for eight years during her childhood. Having graduated high school in the class of 2020 amidst a worldwide pandemic, she feels she will be prepared for anything that requires adaptation or change. She is an expert in equestrian endeavors and dog agility and obedience training. She is a hard-working individual​ who cares deeply about her current job and the people who surround her. She enjoys taking time to appreciate nature and stay connected with the Earth. She likes to read news articles, write what comes to mind, watch television and venture outdoors to practice her photography and videography skills.