Drew May

Continuing Education is on the move

Continuing Education classes are no longer being taught at the South Hill Park site. They’re now being taught at Pierce College Puyallup with the department’s main offices being moved to room A102 in the Administration building.

Pierce transit en route for trouble

Beginning June 12, some big changes will be coming to Pierce Transit. The local bus service in Puyallup and the rest of Pierce County will be suffering a budget cut of 20 percent with more to possibly come before the end of the year.

Fightin words: Which is better, books or digital readers?

Pro E-reader: Paper books have so many advantages over hand-carved stone tablets, same with printed books and hand written books. Following that trend, e-readers have so many advantages over printed books.

Pro paper back: Nothing is more satisfying than riffling through the pages of your favorite paperback. Thumbing through the pages and occasionally flipping ahead a few chapters to see what happens is all a part of the reading experience.

What’s the point of college?

What’s the point of college? Nearly every day we are caught in an endless fury of homework and classes. Then after that we end up working jobs all night long just to survive. And what for, a piece of paper that is supposed to be our golden ticket into the world?