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Technology is, without a doubt, convenient. From MP3s to smart phones or satellite radio to Google Earth, people never have had so many options to stay connected. Universities are using new programs in an attempt to make learning from home more engaging and convenient.

Is it the thought or the gift that counts?

Couples count down the days in eager expectancy of receiving the perfect gift. So, what is the solution for gift givers who lack the skill to choose great gifts? Does it take away any of the specialness of a gift if the receiver has dropped hints about what to buy? Or is it all about the thought put into trying to buy the best gift?

I was down, but I’m not out

My name is Christopher Randle Jr. I am a 30-year-old student at Pierce College. I was named after my father, but it seems to me that I inherited more than just his name. He’s currently in federal prison for assaulting his girlfriend on our Coeur D’Alene reservation in northern Idaho.

Studying in Japan meant the world to me

Most students may not be aware of the college’s international education program. I was not aware of it until I noticed a poster on the wall in the library/science building advertising a study trip to Japan; little did I know but that one little poster was about to send me on an adventure of a lifetime.