Are you a Disney Nerd?

Grace Amsden
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Disney is loved by a great number of people, whether it’s for the movies, theme parks or because you grew up on it. Even if someone hasn’t traveled to the parks or watched many Disney movies, everyone’s been exposed to it and the most famous mouse on earth: Mickey Mouse, the fun-loving guy who wears red shorts with two white buttons, white gloves and yellow shoes.

There are many people who like Disney; however, there’s a difference from just ‘liking’ it and being a true Disney nerd.

Apparel: Perhaps you have a shirt from Disneyland or princess tank top from the Disney section of Hot Topic. Perhaps even customized shirts with inspirational Disney sayings; but when you look in your closet, is it filled with loads of Disney apparel that dominate the styles of all your other clothing? If so, you’re a Disney nerd.

Music: When you scroll down the list of your music, does the selection feature Disney songs? If you just have a few of the typical Disney songs including Let it Go from Frozen or The Circle of Life from The Lion King, this isn’t enough to be a Disney nerd. If you not only have songs from the movies but from the theme parks, such as parade soundtracks, queue areas and rides, you’re a Disney nerd.

Movies: The first Disney full-length movie release was Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in 1937, an instant success after premiering at the Carthay Circle Theatre in California. Since then, there’s been many more movies, obviously. If you have a strongly built collection of Disney movies and engage in “Disney movie nights”, you’re a Disney nerd.

Travel: Upon entering Disneyland, there’s a plaque situated under the entrance to Main Street. It says: “Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy.” Disney fans alike know this plaque is pretty special and can agree with these words. If you’ve been to Disneyland and can’t resist the sweet smells of freshly made ice cream on Main Street or nostalgic water scent from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and crave to go back again and again, you’re a Disney nerd.

Reading up on Disney: On what date did Disneyland open? July 17, 1955, of course. How high is the drop of Splash Mountain in the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World? Five stories. Are your shelves filled with Disney travel guides and Disney history books that you read to enhance your Disney knowledge? If so, you’re a Disney nerd.

Food: Some Disney resort food favorites include churros, turkey legs, candied apples or monte cristo sandwiches from the Blue Bayou restaurant. We mustn’t forget the mickey mouse shaped ice cream bars, either. You may consider these to be some of your favorite foods and give them their own category in the food pyramid. If you go to lengths at home by making Mickey pancakes, waffles or attempting homemade Dole Whip, another park favorite, you’re a Disney nerd.

Disney store obsession: There aren’t too many Disney stores in the Puyallup area. Currently, there’s not a Disney store in the South Hill, Tacoma or Super mall, though there is one in the South Center Mall. If you get to a mall which houses a Disney store, is this the store you go into first and spend a lengthy amount of time in the store? Besides the actual store, there’s also the Disney store online, which houses some of the same items (generally much more). If you’re considered this store to be one of your favorite places to shop, you’re a Disney nerd.

Hoarding of Disney items: There’s autograph books. There’s photo albums. There’s Mickey Mouse ears galore and mountains of stuffed animals. There’s also Disney plates, bowls and silverware. This isn’t even to mention some of the other items – pins, figurines, postcards, artwork, or the collection of fastpasses, maps and tickets from the parks. If you have a lot of Disney stuff that’s expanding through the quarters of your home, stuff you never want to part with, you’re a Disney nerd.

Considering of working for Disney: There’s many employment positions in the Disney company. There’s jobs for television, the parks, food services, gaming, music and retail, just to name a few. The website actually allows users to select a location on a map and a list will pop up of available positions. If you’ve put some thought into considering a career for the Disney company, you’re a Disney nerd.

Disney College program: The Disney College program, with locations in Anaheim, CA and Lake Buena Vista, FL, is for students 18 and older who desire to work at a Disney park. It allows students to gain hands on job experience working in the parks as well as taking college level courses and learning how the magic of Disney actually works. Have you ever seriously looked up information on the Disney College Program or have plans to participate in it? If so, you’re a Disney nerd.


Perfect 10: If you can truthfully can say “yes, this is totally me” to all ten of the categories, you win the title of being a Disney nerd and win a free trip to the happiest place on Earth, Disneyland, in Anaheim, CA! Just kidding; though if you can, pack your suitcase with all the essentials you need, book a plane ticket and travel down there right now to celebrate your accomplishments. Walt would be so proud of you! Always remain a Disney fan and you will live one happy life.

9: You’re very close to being an ultimate Disney nerd! You make the whole Disney gang smile because of all the love in your heart towards the Disney company. It shouldn’t take that much more for you to earn a perfect score.

6-8: You’re definitely a Disney fan and should be proud of your dedication; and if you scored eight categories, that’s even better. You’re on your way to being considered a Disney nerd!

2-5: If you related to two of the categories, well… you’re still a distance away from being a Disney nerd. Five of the categories is a great start, but not enough to be a Disney nerd.

0-1: You have some serious work to do if you want to even remotely be considered a Disney ‘nerd’. Don’t worry, though. Maybe if you can snag some of Tinkerbell’s pixie dust, you can fly yourself down to Disneyland to meet Mickey Mouse and become best buddies and therefore become a huge fan.

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Are you a Disney Nerd?

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