Are we too politically correct about holidays?

Are we too politically correct for the holidays?


Megan Lucero



We live in a world where there’s a large diversity of cultures and religions. With the holidays in our midst, there’s a point where people should be politically correct.

Times have changed when it comes to schools celebrating different holidays. In order to not offend any students, faculty or staff, measures of political correctness should be made.

Simple adjustments have been adapted over the years. For example, saying happy holidays as opposed to saying merry Christmas or happy Hanukkah. These changes have been made in the hopes of not limiting what individuals say to certain religions.

This doesn’t mean for people to allow themselves to be blinded against diversity, but it does mean to consider what you say and to think how it will affect others. The dictionary definition of political correctness says “forms of expression or action that are perceived to exclude, marginalize, or insult groups of people who are socially disadvantaged or discriminated against.” A community needs to take into account words and actions for these reasons and these reasons alone.

If organizations, such as schools, only acknowledge one or a few religions, then it wouldn’t give everyone equal opportunity to express themselves.

The holiday season is known as a time for spreading thanks and good spirits. But if there isn’t a stop to saying limiting holiday phrases like merry Christmas, then people will be limiting the spread of holiday spirits to one crowd of people. There’s deprivation of holiday cheer to all religions and cultures.

Take into mind nativity scenes. Although a nativity scene may not offend Christians, it may make neighbors who celebrate different religions uncomfortable and offended. In fact, nativity scenes were banned in charity shops in the United Kingdom because the Red Cross believed it would offend customers with other faiths.

That law has been overruled, but that doesn’t mean the nativity scenes were still not offensive to some individuals.

The holidays, or lack thereof, bring to life the winter season, and to be politically correct will make for an easier and more acceptable time.

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Are we too politically correct about holidays?

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