Anxiety in the newsroom

While developing and creating content for the Puyallup community, some must balance personal challenges surrounding mental health.

By Adelle Engmann

The Puyallup Post is a student journalist organization at Pierce College Puyallup that focuses on news around the campus and community. While developing and creating content for the Puyallup community, some must balance personal challenges surrounding mental health.

Nina Fowler and Samantha Allred are running start students at Pierce College Puyallup who have different ways of dealing with stress and anxiety.

Fowler is the Office Manager for The Puyallup Post and has experience with anxiety and stress surrounding the balance of school and work. While she has these personal struggles, she has not been professionally diagnosed with anxiety.

Fowler believes The Puyallup Post job is a good fit for her educational career in communications and public relations.

Fowler said she is getting different experiences working with new people. She felt anxious during her first meeting as a new employee because she didn’t know anyone.

Fowler states she still feels anxious when it comes to meeting deadlines for her difficult classes and creating content for the Post simultaneously.

Fowler has now become more comfortable with the other employees at The Puyallup Post and the environment surrounding the job.

To balance the coursework between college, her job and personal relationships, Fowler uses resources provided by Pierce College. She said she has spoken to Jennifer Wright, the mental health counselor at the Puyallup campus, multiple times and received helpful advice on putting things into perspective in regards to her life.

Similar to Fowler, Samantha Allred has struggled with finding a healthy balance between school and work.

Allred is a reporter and has worked for The Puyallup Post since fall 2018. Allred said if she is feeling anxious or stressed, it usually stems from her schoolwork. She tries her best to push through and endure.

Allred has always pushed for the top grades in her classes. She said a challenging biology class has tested her mental capability of achieving a top-notch grade, a factor that causes her anxiety.  

At one point, Allred said she was balancing three jobs:  being a reporter, hostess and pianist. Allred said she chose her job at The Puyallup Post to help pay for her running start fees, improve her writing skills and give her exposure to her career plans in editing and publishing.

Allred has not discovered a strategy to successfully cope with her anxiety or stress but usually focuses on positive aspects until the anxiety passes.

Allred has not used any of the mental health resources provided by Pierce College. She does speak with close friends, co-workers and family who are familiar with the struggles of balancing work, school and personal relationships.

Allred adds she is content with her personal resources and has grown mentally when finding a balance between her obligations.

Fowler and Allred recommend to those who struggle with anxiety or any other mental illness to reach out and seek help from someone they trust. There are resources within the Pierce College facilities that speak on mental health and other obligations and challenges a student may be experiencing. Additionally, there are online services and facilities that students can use if these campus resources do not make them comfortable.

It is also important for the community to frequently advertise the services they hold, so everyone can feel welcome and continue to discuss mental development.

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Adelle Engmann

Anxiety in the newsroom

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