Anthony Morales strikes a chord

Twenty-year-old student Anthony Morales is one of the many musicians at Pierce College Puyallup.

Kristen Phillips


Twenty-year-old student Anthony Morales is one of the many musicians at Pierce College Puyallup.

Primarily a guitarist, Morales has recently expanded his musicality by self-teaching himself the piano and experimenting with the pipa, a four-stringed Chinese musical instrument. But the instruments he’s most comfortable with are the acoustic or electric guitar, which he has improved on over the course of two years.

His interest for the guitar began when he saw other people playing and got inspired. He was fascinated with the way music can so distinctly express ones emotions.

Following his completion at Pierce, Morales hopes to transfer to the University of Washington Seattle where he is interested in studying anesthesiology.

Alongside his education, Morales hopes to always incorporate music on the side. He has considered starting his own YouTube channel where he would write and record songs to play for the enjoyment of others.

As of right now, Morales tries to pick up a guitar every day in order to better his musical talents.

Morales plays a variety of styles and genres of music but is particularly fond of hip-hop, blues and rock. In the past, he has experimented with guitar tapping as well as rapping with his guitar.

“I play from my heart,” Morales said. “Whatever I’m feeling at the moment”

In addition to music, Morales enjoys breakdancing and dancing in general as well as going on road trips with friends and metting new people. He has recently tried archery and loves the outdoors.

As Morales continues to grow as a musician and experiment, he’s interested in learning additional instruments to communicate to a wider variety of audiences.

“I’m just another one of those guys who’s trying to speak from their heart,” Morales said.

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Anthony Morales strikes a chord

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