Animal relief stations on campus

Check out the new animal relief stations installed on campus!

Anna Ingram

When walking around campus, people might notice green dog bag stations erected.  There are six total, and are aimed toward students who rely on service animals to clean up their dog’s waste.


They’re relatively new, however.  Before August 2014, students and people who walked their dogs through campus had no easily accessible way to clean up after their dogs, which posed a health problem as well as a disadvantage for students and faculty who have service dogs.


“Some students also have mobility issues,” Michael Mesa, the access and disabilities services manager said, “making it difficult for them to go all the way across campus.”


He noticed the problem through his personal experience.


“I myself am a service dog user and there was no place to take my service animal,” Mesa said.


He brought this to the attention of Dan Timmons, the facility and grounds manager, who he then spent the following eight months collaborating with to bring the dog bag stations to campus.  The idea was proposed in January 2014, and by the following August they had been installed.


They’re six stations spread out around the campus; near the Health Education Center all the way to the library and Administration building, increasing the chance that a dog owner will come across one.


The result benefits everyone, not just service animal owners.  The campus is cleaner and students with disabilities who rely on service animals no longer have to miss valuable class time to travel farther to relieve their animals.  Check out the map below to see where the nearest dog bag station is to



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Animal relief stations on campus

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