Angela Choate: the next step for the talented student artist

Angela Choate is a student of art and science

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The college’s annual Spring Art Exhibition not only gives students an opportunity to show their work but potentially earn a special award granted by Puyallup campus president.

Pierce College Puyallup student Angela Choate received the President’s Award last year. This entailed that the college bought her work for $300.

Choate’s piece currently hangs in the administration building and will be joined after the spring quarter by the newest piece chosen by Pierce College Puyallup interim President Colette Pierce Burnette.

Choate said she is looking forward to this spring’s exhibition.

She’s studying medical technology at Pierce College and has plans to possibly extend into scientific illustration. Choate already earned a degree in graphic design, but it was the medical field that originally interested her.

Her latex allergy changed her plans to enter the medical field. She decided to enter the art field, another area she loved. It was Choate’s mother who helped her start drawing at a young age, but there was no need to motivate Choate to do so.

“My mother who got tired of wiping down walls got me a sketch book and told me the only time I can use crayons is in the notebook,” Choate said.

This was at 2 years old, but even as a college student, despite her science-filled schedule, she still finds time to take art classes and draw. Choate’s inspiration is to capture what she sees as beautiful, feeding off of the emotions she feels in an attempt to express herself.

While her piece that won the president’s award was an abstract that created an inner movement of both natural beauty and modernism, Choate experiments in other mediums of visual art. While both pens and pencils are familiar object in her hand so is a camera. She extends into photography as well as much more personalized character drawings.

Choate encourages students who have taken art classes at the Puyallup campus to enter the exhibition, but as for what she plans to enter, she hasn’t decided yet.


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Angela Choate: the next step for the talented student artist

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