People of Pierce: Andy Ramirez

Chase Charaba, Online and Social Media Manager

“I go to hard core punk shows. I’m really into hard core and vintage clothing, namely sports wear and shoes like that. I hang out with friends, the average stuff, but going to shows is definitely my hobby. I just came back from a three-day hard core punk festival called The Rain Fest. It was the last one. I listened to bands like Rotting Out, Fury, Freedom – there’s just so many bands. I try not to just focus on listening to one because bands come every week from out of state. My local bands would probably be Power, Red Scare, Gag (and) Safe and Sound, something like that. I listen to hip-hop sometimes. Alternative pop. Pretty much anything. I listen to a lot of throwback jams, that throwback station 103.7; I’m always listening to that when I’m working. Deftones (are) probably my favorite band, so I listen to them a lot, too. I listen to everything, but namely it’s hard core.”

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People of Pierce: Andy Ramirez

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