American Honors announces council positions

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The positions for the 2015-2016 American Honors student council at Pierce College Puyallup have been filled except for the scholarship chair.

According to Laurie Miller, honors adviser, the student council works to make positive experiences for American Honors students as well as non-honors students.

“Their job is kind of to find ways to support and enhance the honor student experience through organizing fun events (and) study nights,” Miller said.

The first planning meeting between the new council members was Oct. 22. At the meeting, council president Trevor Washington collaborated with other members on planning the first event, a game night,  scheduled to be Nov.  4, though the time may be subject to change.

As the event will include board games and video games, the council is looking at teaming with Mario Kart Club. This event will be at the Puyallup campus and  all students are welcome to attend.

Last year, Washington was the president of the American Honors student council at the Fort Steilacoom campus. Among Washington’s goals this year is to  have the honors students connect with each other and start the year off strong.

“Last year was really tough being the first year for the council and American Honors being at Pierce in general,” Washington said.

The position of lead ambassador is filled by student Jacob Carroll, who will help Regional Admissions Counselor Julia Woodworth by spreading the word about the program by traveling to local schools for college fairs.

Carroll said the outreach of the program is vital to its success.

“I grew up in a bad background and school wasn’t exactly something that I was really interested in until later, and I feel like if I can reach some of the kids at a younger age, they might not push college off completely,” Carroll said.

Carroll said he didn’t find out about the program itself until reading an email about it. He said he doesn’t want the program to be a surprise to students.

Prior to the official decisions of the council members, there was a turnout of about 25-30 students at the council interest meeting, according to Miller.

Candidates for the council wrote speeches about why they wanted to serve in the position and reasons why they should be voted for.

American Honors students voted for the speeches Oct. 12-15 through online survey platform Survey Monkey. The results were announced Oct. 16.

“It was the only way we could think of that would be fair and anonymous and would reach everybody, because it’s going to be really difficult to get a large group together,” Miller said.

Miller said Survey Monkey was chosen to ease the process of having to get all the students together, considering everyone’s schedules. She estimates there are 120-130 students in the program, and having to find a time for the speeches and voting in person would be difficult. Miller hopes to find a different way for delivering the speeches next year.

“We’d love to be able to figure out a way where we could really make that happen, but even to have that many candidates be able to be in the same place at the same time, let alone students to come and watch and hear, seems difficult,” Miller said.

Miller said she’s looking forward to seeing what the council comes up with this year and hopes the council will build a strong cohort by developing study groups and bonds between one another.

“Overall, they just want to work together to make their own and everyone else’s experiences better, whatever that looks like,” Miller said.

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American Honors announces council positions

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