People of Pierce: Alyssa Armstrong

Lizzie Duke, Reporter

Alyssa Armstrong is in her third quarter at Pierce College Puyallup after graduating from Emerald Ridge High School last year. She’s currently studying microbiology, psychology and medical terminology.

“(It’s) very science based,” Armstrong said. “I’m trying to get all my prerequisites for the nursing program here. I’ve always been really interested in the medical field and I think being a doctor is a lot of responsibility. It takes 8-10 years of schooling and I didn’t think I wanted to be in school that long. At first I wanted to be in nutrition because I was really interested in how different foods and things can affect who you are in a way. Then I kind of moved over to dermatology and nursing, because I’m really interested in the skin and disorders of the skin, since I grew up with eczema and psoriasis so it relates to me. I definitely want to do clinical type of stuff. I don’t want to be in a real big hospital, I want to be in a nine to five type of job so I’m not on call all the time doing crazy stuff. I think mostly just helping people and being that person that others can come to for advice and everything, like if someone comes in with a skin condition like eczema, I can give them real personal advice on it and information because it’s actually more relatable. That’ll be super cool.”

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People of Pierce: Alyssa Armstrong

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