Allergies are nothing to sneeze at

Spring has begun to blossom in Puyallup and along with new blooms comes a rise in tissue sales. Allergy season has arrived.

Drew May


Spring has begun to blossom in Puyallup and along with new blooms comes a rise in tissue sales. Allergy season has arrived.

Seasonal allergies don’t have to be a yearly dilemma and they don’t have to result in tons of tissues being used every year for your nose. Here are some easy green tips that can help your local environment while helping yourself with your allergies.

Take a trip to the farmers market and buy some local honey or bee pollen, but make sure it’s local. Local honey and bee pollen can work as a sort of vaccine against seasonal allergies. The pollen used in the honey is the same pollen causing your allergies, so eating local honey over a period of time can help you build immunity to the pollen in the air around you during spring. Not only do you get to help your community by buying honey and bee pollen straight from the region but you also get to help your allergies.

One of the greatest ways to help your allergies during spring is by getting a nasal rinse. Avoid wasting plastic containers used to hold store-bought nasal sprays by making your own, equally effective nasal rinse. Take a tablespoon of salt and add it to a pint of warm water with a pinch of baking soda. Bend over a sink and sniff the solution through your nostrils and allow it to drain back down into the sink. This can greatly help clear your nostrils of harmful allergens.

Certain over the counter spices can also help with your allergies. Butterbur and garlic can greatly help clear your nose. Stinging nettle tea and peppermint tea can also help decongest you as well. Be green whenever possible and buy these products locally first, or try your hand at gardening and grow your own garlic.

Some other options to help seasonal allergies are to clean your home, the green way. Wash sheets in hot water and vacuum your floors thoroughly. Clean the rest of your house using environmental friendly methods such as using baking soda to clean linoleum floors. The general rule of thumb is, the less ingredients there are in your cleaning to solution, the better it is.

If all else fails, go to an allergy specialist. Odds are they can find what is directly causing your allergies and the best way solve them.

Using these safe and environmentally friendly ways to help your allergies can be a great way to start off the spring. You’ll end up saving a lot of tissues and a lot of discomfort by taking these steps to solve your seasonal allergies.

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Allergies are nothing to sneeze at

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