All hail Haley Henricksen

Elected as student representative during fall quarter, Haley Henricksen is embracing her role at Student Programs.

Sara Konu


Elected as student representative during fall quarter, Haley Henricksen is embracing her role at Student Programs.

As a representative for the evening students, Henricksen’s job includes taking surveys, initiating projects and interacting with night class students to figure out what they need in order to make sure their voices are heard.

Some of the projects she’s worked on include planning free coffee nights and a student appreciation week. Henricksen also tries to work the latest office hours possible so that she’s more available to the students she represents.

“I applied so that I could really connect with students,” Henricksen said. “I’m a Running Start student so Pierce is all new to me and I just wanted to jump right in and connect with everyone.”

Don’t think that because Henricksen is a Running Start student she’s not qualified for the job. She has a long history of leadership experience. Besides being a Camp Counselor and Girl Scout Leader, she’s treasurer and a national congress delegate of her 4-H club, is involved in high school ASB, vice president of her orchestra and captain of her high school golf team.

On top of all her extracurricular activities, she has more than 500 hours of volunteer service. Henricksen is a spokesperson for the non-profit organization United Way Youth and has earned a large amount of her service hours with them. She also started a program called Today’s Youth Tomorrow’s HERO (Helping Everyone Reach Out), which encourages youth’s to find new service projects in their community.

“The past 10 years of my life have been very chaotic,” said Henricksen, “But this is the first time I’ve ever felt challenged balancing my personal life with everything else I do. But I think I’m handling it pretty well.”

With such a hectic lifestyle, she finds outlets for her stress with a club or a bow. While golf is her self-proclaimed passion, playing the violin is a close second and she spends a large amount of time between the two hobbies. That is of course when she’s not busy with one of her many extracurricular activities, working for Pierce or attending classes.

A Running Start student from Graham-Kapowsin High School, where she maintained a 3.95 GPA, Henricksen decided to come to Pierce for her senior year because she was feeling the demands of expensive colleges and wanted a head start. After Pierce, she plans to transfer to a four-year college and hopes to get a degree in communication or human resources.

“I don’t really know what I want to do, but I hope to have a fulfilling career. My passion for helping others has taught me to appreciate the little things and has truly shaped me into who I am today and who I want to become in the future.” She said.

No matter what she does later on in her life, Henricksen is already making a difference today.

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All hail Haley Henricksen

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