Alcohol changes to come in Washington

An overview of new laws on alcohol in Washington state.



Robert McRill


Washington state liquor laws have undergone many changes throughout the years.

State officials are considering the implementation of numerous bills that would directly affect the way Washingtonians enjoy their alcohol.

Legislators in Washington state are closely scrutinizing many bills relating to the legal consumption and distribution of alcoholic beverages in Washington state—most of which would greatly relax the current strictness of the state alcohol laws.

In 2011, Washington state accepted Initiative 1183, which has allowed licensed private distributors to sell alcohol in certain retail locations. Derek Franklin of the Washington Association for Substance Abuse and Violence Prevention believes Initiative 1183 to be directly responsible for the constant desire to change alcohol laws in Washington state to make them far more lenient.

Since the passing of Initiative 1183, all liquor stores have been disbanded and alcohol is now being sold in everyday retail stores such as Walmart and Costco. Bills are currently being circulated that would allow retail stores to also give away free samples of alcoholic beverages on the sales floor.

Similar bills are pushing for stores to allow customers looking to purchase alcohol to try-before-you-buy.

If passed, certain bills would even allow someone to purchase beer or wine when out to the movies, massage and nail salons would be able to dispense free glasses of wine to their customers, and students 18-21 studying alcohol would be allowed to taste wine in class.

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Alcohol changes to come in Washington

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