Air hockey, foosball tables to be sold

The Pierce College Puyallup Office of Student Life is selling the air hockey and foosball tables that were stationed in the Dining Commons last year.

Rebecca Dickson, Reporter

Pierce College Puyallup will have more space in the dining commons this year.

The air hockey and foosball tables, once regularly utilized by students on campus, became rarely used by students. To create more room on campus for other activities, they’ll be removed and sold at auction.

The move came after an informal discussion with Director of Student Life Sean Cooke and the Office of Student Life. It didn’t go to a vote at a student council meeting, but student leadership input was a critical point to the decision.

Cooke said the air hockey and foosball tables have quite a history at Pierce.

In 2006, the Puyallup campus had a student lounge in the College Center. This student lounge housed a variety of activities, including the foosball table. Cooke said after the lounge was closed due to inappropriate behavior by students, the foosball table had nowhere to go.

“Space is really at a premium,” Cooke said.

When Cooke became director of the OSL, the tables were moved to a variety of places starting at the Connection Cafe. Cooke explained that the loud buzzing, clacking and banging of the air hockey and foosball tables didn’t provide a good environment for conversation and were distracting to students.

As they were considered nuisances, the OSL moved them to the Dining Commons.

Even with the move, the air hockey and foosball tables were rarely used. While the ping pong tables are used two to three times per day, the air hockey and foosball tables are used two to three times per week.

Timothy Estes, former diversity and equity coordinator for the Associated Students of Pierce College Puyallup, said that the OSL would often receive notifications from students that the air hockey and foosball tables were broken. Specifically, critical pieces required for operation of the tables became broken. With few students using the tables, it became difficult to justify repairing the tables.

“Equipment is broken in ways that you just can’t think of how it happened,” Estes said. “I think it was appropriate because just by a demand aspect, they weren’t being used nearly as much as the ping pong tables were. I don’t know if (the damage) contributed to its’ unpopularity.”

Cooke said the space would be most likely used by more ping pong tables for students. Although not a permanent fixture, they are often dragged out of their storage spaces and set up by students.

The air hockey and foosball tables will be going to a state surplus auction. As the tables are state property, the money gained will go to the Washington State General Fund, and won’t be given to Pierce directly.

State surplus auctions hold a variety of items, from children’s furniture to office supplies and gaming tables. Interested purchasers can look online to find the nearest surplus auctions.

The OSL offers a variety of other services and items for recreational activities. If students wish to check out equipment, they may go to the OSL and sign out equipment.

Equipment must be returned by the close of business.

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Rebecca Dickson

Air hockey, foosball tables to be sold

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