Accreditation commission: Pierce sets standards since 1970

Mckenna Marshall

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Pierce College is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities since 1970 and has continually passed the accreditation requirements each year since.

“Pierce College being accredited means that when students choose to attend Pierce College, they can be reasonably assured of the quality of the education and the opportunities provided,” said Darrell Cain, president of Pierce College Puyallup.

The accreditation process is one that requires a college to reflect on itself, which promotes improvement with each passing year. Once a college is accredited, it’s required to go through a seven-year cycle to continually pass for accreditation. For students, since Pierce is accredited, other colleges are more likely to accept transfer credits.

Pierce also receives more financial aid than it would if it wasn’t an accredited college. The NWCCU has 24 requirements to be eligible for accreditation and has a seven-year process that ensures a college can retain its credibility.

“During the seven-year cycle, we submit a report in year one, submit a report and have a small visit from a team of evaluators in year three, and submit a comprehensive report and visit from a large team of evaluators in year seven,” explained Cain.

Currently, Pierce is in year three of the seven-year cycle, so the campus will soon be visited by a team of evaluators. According to, Students use the accreditation credential to introduce their educational background to employers and to programs in other schools, thereby satisfying entry requirements or gaining an advantage over applicants from non-accredited programs.

Many employers, when looking through applicants, aim to hire those from accredited schools because those who come from accredited schools are perceived as higher quality employees.

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Accreditation commission: Pierce sets standards since 1970

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